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5 Ways For Groups To Survive The Holidays

Surviving the holidays

We are headed into the toughest season all year for small groups to stay active. Fall and winter bring a myriad of parties, vacations and holidays. It is really tempting to not fight against the business and just cancel group until the new year. But by the time January rolls around, the group has lost any kind of momentum that they had and have to start over, or completely disband because of lack of interest.

Instead of giving into the craziness, groups can work with it and have a lot of fun at the same time. Here are 5 things that groups can do over the next 2 months to maximize the opportunities:

1. Use an October group meeting to have a pumpkin carving contest.
Our group did this for the first time last year and it was a huge hit. The winning pumpkin was a dead-on rendition of Hisenburg from Breaking Bad.

2. Plan a pre-Thanksgiving alternative feast.
Everyone loves to eat, and what could be better than a Mexican themed Thanksgiving meal?

3. Serve together at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving morning.
There a tons of opportunities to serve on Thanksgiving day. You can be done by mid-morning and ready for your family celebration by 1:00.

4. Plan an early, December group Christmas party.
Most parties don’t get started until mid-December, so get your “dirty Santa” game on the books quick!

5. Get your first meeting back in January on the calendar now.
Instead of trying to put something together in the stupor that is the New Year, go ahead and pick the date so that everyone can be ready for it after the festivities have gone away.


Flee or Fight? Sabotage Week 6


We wrapped up our all-church study Sabotage this week. Pete looked at how we can all have peace in our relationships through healthy, biblical conflict. You can watch what our panel had to say about it below, and you can download the study here:  Sabotage Week 6 Study

Speaking Truth – Sabotage Week 5


We are in week 5 of our all-church study, Sabotage. This week, Justin talked about the importance of honesty and truth in our relationships. You can watch what our panel had to say about it below, and you can download the study here:  Sabotage Week 5

People Hate New


We have spent the last few weeks moving to a new house in downtown Nashville. Every time we move, I say “we are never moving again”, until I eventually forget the sweat and tears and we end up moving again.

One of the most difficult parts about moving is the unfamiliarity with everything new. Silverware is in a different drawer. Laundry is on a different floor. The TV is at a different angle. The drive to work is slightly different.

I normally love the idea of new things…until everything is new.

Familiar is comfort. Routines are predictable. It doesn’t feel like home until I can get from my bed to work without even thinking about what is next.

I think we lose sight of how this affects people at our churches when we ask them to give up everything that is familiar so that they can fit into our system of discipleship. Instead of leaning into their existing relationships and routines, we require that they step out of those into what we can control.

That is why I love the host groups concept that simply asks people to add spiritual growth to the relationships and activities that they already have. Allow us to resource what you are already doing.

Instead of forcing people into our routines, let’s add God into theirs.